I have become addicted to this feeling of accomplishment at the end of every workout and am inspired and motivated to keep going in this lifelong pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle.

Cynthia McCracken

With Shayla, it’s never been about what I can’t do. Instead it’s about what I CAN do. I can do 100 lunges! I can run sprints! I can even do “boy” push-ups! And yes, I can enjoy chocolate and cheesecake!

Dee Leggett

It is not simply about the physical aspect of weight loss, it is also about the mental and finding the strength to believe you can do things you never once thought you could. That is what Shayla gave me, self-confidence to challenge myself and meet my goals.

Lisa Hardesty

I contribute the major change to the support and guidance I received from Shayla. She taught me when to eat certain types of foods and to what degree. She and my workout buddies at TUF help keep me on track and hold me accountable. With hard work and the great support I have TRANSFORMED ME and I feel so healthy and have so much energy!

Sonya Smith

I have been training with Shayla for 3 years and I love her program. The consistency, instruction and encouragement she gives me keeps me engaged and on track. She customizes my training for me. When I think “I can’t do that”, she smiles and says, “But you did it!”

Marcy Helms

Shayla has transformed my life in so many ways. She is always so encouraging and motivating. When I started Boot Camp 9 years ago, I was at least 50lbs heavier, feeling tired and had no energy. After a few weeks I was hooked and my health began to slowly improve. Fast forward nine years, I’m in the best shape of my life. Thank you Shayla and TUF!

Judy Reineck

I have been with Shayla for almost 4 years. She has helped me reach my goals, then helped me rebuild after knee surgery. Shayla is persistent, yet she is warm and personable. I plan on being with Shayla for many years to come.

Deborah LeBon

Shayla is an excellent trainer and keeps things fun and fresh. She pushes me to give my best and step out (sometimes way out) of my comfort zone. After almost 3 years I’ve never been bored and I look forward to every workout. Thanks to Shayla, at age 48 I am stronger, leaner and more fit than I’ve ever been.

Joe Helms